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Zig-Zag Roof Ice Melt System

Zig-Zag Heating Cable designs were introduced in the 1980’s and will perform satisfactorily in Class 2 areas when installed in accordance with IEEE 515.1 recommended standards.  Pentair can design and supply a reliable zig-zag heating cable system complete with custom designed roof and eave retention clips.

Roof & Gutter De-Icing Brochure

Icicle and ice caves form with Zig-Zag cables.   Huge icicles form   Heating cable slides off roof

When compared with the RIM2 System, the following should be reviewed.

Zig-Zag Cable Design   RIM2 System

  1. Requires more heating cable than RIM2

  2. Spoils aesthetics of building roof lines

  3. Spring snow slides rip cable off roof – electrical hazard

  4. Installed cost is similar to RIM2


  1. More energy efficient with extrusion and heat transfer cover panel

  2. Panel colors blend with gutter and eave metal flashings

  3. RIM design mechanically protects cable from damage

  4. Performs better when a heavy snowstorm blows through

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