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As seen on Good Morning America - Bylin's Roof Ice Melt System


Solve Winter Ice and Snow Problems - Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles, Melt Snow and Ice, and Prevent Pipe Freeze-ups

Bylin Engineered Systems is the industry leader in providing ice and snow solutions with UL Approved heating cable systems and UL Listed energy efficient control systems.

Roof and Gutter De-icing - Bylin pioneered the engineered solution to prevent ice dams and icicles on roofs and freeze-ups in gutters and downspouts. Since 1995, over 9,000 patented Roof Ice Melt Systems have eliminated roof ice dams and icicles throughout the US and Canada. All UL Approved heating cables and components are made in the United States. Bylin's UL Listed Control Systems are the most energy efficient available.


Some companies have begun marketing Bylin RIM knock-offs with claims of superior design or performance. The facts are...
Original Creator - Engineered and patented Roof Ice Melt System in 1993. Successful performance for 18 years. In business for less than 3 years. Limited winter performance with their knock-off designs.
33 Years Experience - Over 20+ Million feet of Bylin cable installed. Some companies have been sold or changed identity - product support vanished.
Professional Design Team - Bylin's engineering design team is supervised by a Professional Engineer P.E. with a Stanford graduate engineering degree. No engineers on staff. Some base their product design solely on the success of Bylin's RIM System performance.
Local Representatives - Local support from Bylin's trained representative team network across the country. Sales via internet. No local customer support.
Customer Factory Support - Guides you through design decisions and products every step of the way- over 100 years of combined professional experience. No engineering staff, and very limited technical knowledge. Only in business for 2-3 years.
UL Approvals - Bylin's heating cable is made in the USA and has UL/CSA approvals, since the 1980's. Some promote USA made heating cables but then switch to cheap foreign-made heat tapes.
10 Year Warranty - Bylin's heating cable has an extended limited 10 year warranty. None warranty their heat tape. Customers may have to pursue a foreign manufacturer on their own.
Over 9,000 Systems Installed - Since 1995, Bylin designed and supplied over 141 miles of Bylin RIM Systems throughout North America. Very, very limited performance history. Claims of better performance with a system that uses less watts/ft are simply technically incorrect.
Ice Melt Of Choice For Resorts - Bylin's engineered design programs are preferred by Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and St. Regis alpine resorts. None offer complete engineered system designs.
Quick Shipping - 1-2 week lead time for shipments. Over 200,000 ft of cable in stock. 33 years of solid business performance. Limited inventory and none offer rapid deliveries for special customer requirements.
Optimal Engineering - Bylin's heat transfer design is tried and true, eliminating icicles and ice dams since 1995. Making false claims regarding Bylin products.
  • Extrusion warps
  • Inefficient heat transfer design
  • Other design flaws
Complete Engineered System
  • Layout drawings
  • Highest quality products
  • Control systems- UL approved
  • Installation design support in field
  • Follow-up support
Products are of questionable quality from foreign sources. Very limited field installation design support.

Automatic Pavement Snow Melting - Bylin's heating cables are embedded in pavement and operate automatically. Driveways, walkways, ADA ramps and entryways are featured areas for snow melt solutions. Clean and energy efficient, our snow melting systems offer low maintenance, no energy wasteful idling, no harmful emissions and no hazardous glycol leaks.

Pipe Protection and Heating - Bylin provides an engineered solution using self-regulating heating cables for pipe freeze protection and pipe temperature maintenance. US made heating cable (heat tape) is UL Approved and the most reliable in the industry.

WarmGlo Floor Warming - A radiant electric floor warming system to warm bathroom and kitchen floors with concealed heating cables. Automatically operated with attractive, energy efficient temperature controllers.

Cold Storage Frost Heave Prevention - Custom engineered self-regulating heating cable designs complete with UL Approved Control Panels are designed to prevent frost heave and ice lens formation. Energy efficient, no moving parts, no hazardous glycol leaks, and no emmissions are some of the key advantages.

Since 1980, Bylin Engineered Systems has supplied over 20 million feet of reliable US made heating cables for roof ice melt systems, driveway snow melt systems, pipe freeze protection, radiant floor warming, and freezer floors.

From the project design and proposal through the heating system installation and operation, Bylin supports the process to ensure a long term and energy efficient heating system.


Good Morning America features Bylin's RIM system on their Killer Ice segment.

Read the latest Wall Street Journal article on the dangers of roof ice: "Homeowners Beware: After Snow, the Ice Dam Cometh".

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